Scientific evidence is one of the pillars upon which modern medicine is based. It hasn’t always been this way: medical treatments have been applied for years without proving their effectiveness and safety first. Some were effective, while others had disastrous results. We currently accumulate the greatest amount of knowledge in human history; however, there are still pseudo-sciences that pretend to pass as disciplines close to medicine and reach patients, without proving their effectiveness and safety.

The signatories of this manifest, health professionals and professionals of other fields of science, journalists and others, are conscious that our legal as well as ethical responsibility lies in providing the best treatment possible to our patients and caring for their health. Therefore, news in the media regarding the initiation of a regulatory and approval process of homeopathic medications worries us as health professionals, scientists
and citizens alike, and we believe we must act. The statements of the director of the Spanish Agency for Medications and Health Products [Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios (AEMPS)], that “not all homeopathic medications need to prove there effectiveness” and that “safety doesn’t need to be proven by specific clinical trials” only increases our concern.

Therefore, we request:

– That no treatment be approved that hasn’t proven effectivity and safety at least superior to placebo, by means of reproducible clinical trials. Regulation of supposed homeopathic medications without therapeutic  indications is in itself a serious contradiction and should be rejected. If it isn’t indicated for anything, then why should we give it?

– That the AEMPS remove all medications of any type that, in spite of having been approved, haven’t proven effectivity superior to placebo or have disproportionate adverse effects.

– That the Health Ministry [Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad] and other health authorities pursue the companies that attribute healing of beneficial properties to their products, without having proven them scientifically.

– That the Spanish General Council of Medical Colleges [Consejo General de Colegios de Médicos de España / Organización Médica Colegial], in line with article 26 of the Code of Medical Ethics, disapprove of physicians who prescribe treatments without proven scientific evidence.

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